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Heavy equipment on the move to potash mine in Canada

Heavy equipment on the move to potash mine in Canada

Quite the move is taking place in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan this week as an 11.6 metres (38-feet) high, 10.1 metres wide (33-feet) and 56.7 metres (186-foot) long crystallizer unit heads to the K+S potash mine near Bethune.

The massive piece of equipment left the JNE Welding site at 5 a.m. local time Tuesday in a three-day delivery trip expected to tie up traffic on some Saskatchewan roads, until it arrives to destination.

“The biggest challenge is just getting everyone on board and making sure it is done safely,” Lockie McKinnon, terminal director for Premay Equipment —the firm in charge of moving the crystallizer— told the Leader Post.

The unit, which weighs about 330 tonnes (something like 60 elephants), is expected to arrive at the mine on Jan.9.

This is the second big move in the last two months to the K+S Legacy mine. In November, two evaporator units were moved from Melville over a two-day period.

Image courtesy of the Government of Saskatchewan.