Interactive map pinpoints lead battery energy storage installations globally

A digital map detailing more than 120 lead battery-powered energy storage projects has been unveiled by the Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI).

The map, published online for the Energy Storage Association’s annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday includes case studies demonstrating successful lead battery energy storage installations from the US to Asia and Europe.

Through a range of case studies, the map details how lead battery storage is supporting utility and renewable energy systems. This includes providing back-up for local power grids and supplying off-grid electricity to power remote communities.

“The aim of this initiative is to highlight some of these installations and encourage companies to share other examples we can highlight demonstrating the variety of projects currently in place,” CBI Director Alistair Davidson said in a statement.

“A focus of CBI is to conduct pre-competitive research to support development of the next generation of lead batteries which will significantly extend both battery life and performance, to support diverse energy systems and electrification,” said Davidson.

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