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OSPE calls for nominations for professional engineers awards

The 2021 Ontario Professional Engineer Awards gala. Credit: Ontario Society of Professional Engineers

The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers is calling for nominations for the 2022 Ontario Professional Engineers Awards. This is an annual recognition of the very best in engineering excellence and community service.

Nominations must be received by 4 p.m. EST on Feb. 23, 2022. Each will include one nominator and two referees.

Awards will be made in four categories. The Gold Medal winner will demonstrate conscientious commitment to public service, technical excellence and outstanding professional leadership. The Engineering Project or Achievement Award is given for a team project that was conceived, designed and executed with significant input by Ontario engineers. The Citizenship Award recognizes exceptional contributions to public service and  humanity – including equity, diversity and inclusion – within an engineering context.

The fourth category includes Engineering Medals for those who have improved quality of life through the ingenious application of their engineering skills and whose achievements rise above the normally high standards of the profession. Medals can be awarded for engineering excellence, management, research and development, entrepreneurship, and to a young engineer.

Click here for detailed information about the nominations process and for lists of past winners.

(This article first appeared in the Canadian Mining Journal)