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Vedanta’s KCM warns part of Nchanga mine about to collapse

Company says part of the pit will cave in "anytime"…

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Long-rumoured takeover target Harmony Gold cheapest in a year

Harmony Gold briefly dropped to a year low of $9.68 on Friday after the company announced a steep fall-off in output for the first quarter. Now worth $4.4 billion the counter is down a third in a year, but its Papua New Guinea project may be worth that by itself.

FT: Mining becoming the ticket out of Sierra Leone’s poverty

The decade-long civil war in Sierra Leone brought two unforgettable images to the West: victims of violence whose limbs were hacked off by armed rebels as a warning to civilians; and the term "blood diamonds," referring to the diamonds plucked by hand from alluvial deposits that were smuggled out of the country and used by both sides of the warring factions to fund their vicious campaigns.

A pretty infographic to take on the Kimberley Process reported on how opponents and proponents of hydraulic fracturing were using videos and infographics to argue their case. Now a London jeweler, Ingle and Rhode, is taking on the Kimberely Process and using an infographic to explain why, according to the company, that the standard is not up to snuff.