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Pilbara Minerals says lithium prices may be near bottom

Lithium has experienced a prolonged price fall due to slowing…

Rio Tinto in discussions with SFO over Simandou probe

Miner is seeking a deferred prosecution agreement over a payment…

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Prospecting in Queensland just got much more expensive

The Australian reports the Queensland government is going after speculative prospecting by what the state treasurer termed two-dollar shell mining companies, slapping the industry with $375 million in additional fees. Under the radical new rules competitive cash-bidding auctions for mining exploration permits will replace the flat $1,030 application fee in force currently.

Thanks for not suing mommy like your brother and sisters: Rinehart gifts daughter (25) one of mining’s top jobs

The richest woman in the world, Gina Rinehart, on Tuesday handed her daughter Ginia (sic) directorships of three companies, including Hancock Prospecting which controls her $10 billion empire. Ginia who is 25 years old is the only one of Rinehart's four children who are not currently suing her in court in a bitter dispute over control of the family fortune.

Exploration boosted by China’s $89m base metals deal

CHINESE trader Guangdong Guangxin Holdings has signed an $89 million deal to boost its interests in Australian base metals by buying a quarter of the Mineral Hill copper and goldmine in NSW and a 15 per cent stake in mine owner KBL Mining.