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Diversifying the tungsten supply chain

Most of the world’s tungsten is extracted from mines throughout…

Global coal power falls for first time even as China builds more

The net decline of 2.9 gigawatts may be small, but…

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Rio Tinto still bullish on China growth

Mr Tom Albanese CEO of Rio Tinto as saying that company has shrugged off concerns about a slow down in Chinese demand for commodities, reiterating its faith in the Asian superpower's industrialization.

Euphoria over Molycorp deal may soon turn to despair. China’s grip is as strong as ever and rare earth prices are still dropping

Molycorp's mould-breaking deal with Neo Material Technologies sent its shares rocketing in New York on Friday and some industry observers say the tie-up creates a vertically integrated company that will transform the industry. Others see REE prices continuing to drop with some already down 70% and China's grip on the market undiminished – exports could double this year and domestic production continues to ramp up.