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Can Trump resurrect US aluminum – and who killed it anyway

China, with its massive aluminum sector and equally massive exports,…

Iron ore price hits 10-week high on China renewed appetite

Ore with 62% content in Qingdao added $1.86 overnight to…

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Silver becomes hot favourite in Asian exchanges

The increased investor interest and rebound in prices for Silver have made it the new favorites in Asian commodity exchanges. In China's Hunan Province, a new precious metals exchange focussed on silver began trading from late June while the Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange has started offering a new silver futures contract from July 22.

Afghan copper mine to start production by end 2014

Delayed for several years owing to the discovery of historical artefacts at the project site, Metallurgical Corporation of China expects to start production at its Aynak copper mine by the end of 2014 Metallurgical Corp of China Ltd (MCC) , China's major

Iron ore emerging as Asia’s industrial demand gauge

Iron ore could soon become a leading economic indicator in emerging markets such as China, since the absence of speculative froth makes the sandy steelmaking raw material a better gauge of demand than industrial metals like copper.

Beijing’s coal use to be capped

The capital city will cap its annual coal consumption at 20 million tons by 2015, as part of its plan to release less carbon and further reduce air pollution, the municipal commission of development and reform said on Monday.

Iron ore miners call the shots as China steelmakers’ profits melt away

China's 27 largest steel companies saw a 15.7% decrease in the first-half profits from a year earlier for a combined profit of $1.6 billion, according to the Shanghai-based researcher Wind Info, as soaring iron ore costs squeezed margins. The woes of China's steelmakers, which have been switching to cheaper low grade ore to cut costs as prices top $180/tonne, are in stark contrast to profits at miners. Last week results for BHP Billiton showed its iron ore division accounted for the bulk of its record $22 billion in profits. BHP, Vale and Rio Tinto – control nearly 70% of the 1 billion tonne annual iron ore seaborne trade and dominate price talks.

On China’s rare earth black market prices are falling

Sinocast reports China's market for rare earths has begun to see negative effects of its crazy growth this year with an increasing number of downstream players finding it difficult to make deals despite price cuts. Prices of certain elements such as cerium used to polish TV screens and lenses are down 10% over the summer after months of break-neck price hikes. Reuters reports China is in the midst of a crackdown on illegal miners and processors and the busy black market trade that have sprung up, but has struggled to impose a REE production cap, with actual annual output exceeding official quotas by 40% to 50% since 2007.

China wants to keep rare mineral export restrictions

China said on Wednesday that it would appeal against a World Trade Organisation ruling that it illegally restricted exports of certain rare and speciality metals and minerals including bauxite, coking coal, fluorspar, magnesium, manganese, silicon metal, silicon carbide, yellow phosphorus and zinc. The United States, European Union and Mexico argued that the minerals are key inputs for numerous industries and any cut in supplies could lead to sharp spikes in world prices. The complainants fear a similar situation to rare earths where the price of certain elements have tripled thanks to export cuts and China's virtual monopoly on production.

Small Canadian miner’s Tibetan plateau gold mine likely largest in Asia

China Daily reports local land and mineral resource officials in the Qinghai province estimate that the Dachang gold mine in the Tibetan autonomous prefecture of Yushu is likely to become one of the largest gold mines in Asia with 300 tonnes in proven reserves. The geological exploration was conducted jointly by Qinghai mining development bureau and TSX-listed Inter‐Citic Minerals with a total investment of $31.3 million. The project is at an elevation of approximately 4,500 meters and consists of five exploration licenses covering some 279 square kilometers. Tiny Inter-Citic says it allocated $6.3 million in exploration expenses for this year.

Silvercorp reaches record production in China

Silvercorp Metals has achieved record silver production and record sales from its Chinese operations for the first quarter of the 2012 financial year. The company recorded 1.6 million ounces of silver production, up 15% from the same period a year ago. Revenue was US$69.7 million which was 90% more than the same quarter last year. The silver figures were achieved from the four mines at the Ying Mining Camp in Henan Province. The company is well on track for the fiscal year 2012 production guidance of 5.6 million ounces.