Rouyn project continues to deliver for Iamgold, Yorbeau

The Rouyn gold project is located about 40km southwest of IAMGOLD’s operating Westwood mine and mill. (Image courtesy of Yorbeau Resources.)

Toronto’s Iamgold  (TSE: IMG) and Montreal’s Yorbeau Resources (TSE: YRB) jointly released the results of the recent winter drilling program at the Rouyn gold project 4 km south of Rouyn-Noranda in Quebec. The results are from the Gamble Lake zone, between the Augmito and Astoria deposits.

Highlights include:

  • Hole GA-19-711: 9.7 metres grading 6.6 g/t gold, including 5.9 metres at 10.0 g/t;
  • Hole GA-19-719: 16.9 metres grading 3.4 g/t gold, including 5.8 metres at 5.7 g/t, including 1.8 metres at 10.3 g/t;
  • Hole GA-19-721: 23.4 metres grading 6.1 g/t gold, including 8.1 metres at 13.3 g/t, including 1.0 metre at 65.5 g/t; and
  • Hole GA-19-722: 10.1 metres grading 6.6 g/t gold, including 3.0 metres at 10.9 g/t and including 4.0 metres at 7.9 g/t.

Iamgold conducted the winter drilling to infill a part of the Lac Gamble zone drilled earlier by Yorbeau’s other partners. All the completed holes intersected the Cadillac-Piche corridor, as planned.

The results of the Gamble Lake drilling will be integrated with the existing geological, geochemical and structural information as a preliminary deposit model is created. Drilling has also resumed on selected targets near the historic Astoria deposit.

Iamgold can acquire 100% of the Royun project by paying C$4 million to Yorbeau and spending C$9 million on exploration over the next five years.

(This article first appeared in the Canadian Mining Journal)

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