Silver is a better buy than gold: Leeb

Storied investor Stephen Leeb says silver is a better buy than gold right now due to its indispensable role in renewable energy production.

Speaking to King World News Leeb asserts that silver “is really going to soar” not only because of its pivotal role as a monetary metal in an inflationary environment but also due to its varied applications in modern industry, with the most prominent amongst them being in renewable energies.

As the world really begins to look seriously at the energy problems we face going forward, governments will start to realize the strategic importance of silver. Silver is a better buy than gold. Silver is going to play a vital role in producing energy around the globe. Japan is turning to solar. Saudi Arabia is turning to solar. Virtually every major country in the world is turning to solar. There is not going to be enough silver to satisfy the demand for solar energy.

Leeb envisages silver rising well beyond $100 per ounce, with governments scrambling to get their hands on the precious metal in order to support their domestic energy needs.

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