The Northern Gateway is not going to happen: Globe and Mail

Jeffrey Simpson lists all the reasons that the Northern Gateway is a dead project.

There are just too many obstacles lined up against it, writes Simpson.

Given the polls in British Columbia, the NDP are set to form a government in the spring. Party leader Adrian Dix has vowed to fight the project. There are also enough aboriginal groups lined up against the pipeline to keep the project tied up in the courts.

And of course there is a growing environmental movement that is fighting the pipeline.

To survive, the Gateway pipeline would have to push past the growing opposition of British Columbians in general, the opposition of the current Liberal provincial government and the NDP government likely to replace it next year, the unanimous opposition of environmentalists, considerable opposition from at least some of the aboriginal groups along the route and, if all this were not enough, the likelihood of prolonged court battles.

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Image from Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines YouTube video

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