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The weird and blue world of colloidal silver

Colloidal silver enthusiasts have been preaching the alleged health benefits of colloidal silver for some time now. Some swear that colloidal silver – tiny silver particles suspended in water – has cured people of everything from the black plague to Lyme disease to dandruff.

Meanwhile rumours have circulated among the silver community that ‘Big Pharma’ has conspired against the precious metal’s healing capacities because colloidal silver wouldn’t be profitable to market.

The US Food and Drug Administration says the metal is unsafe and ineffective at curing health problems.

However, silver is used for medicinal purposes including antiseptics, solutions in bandages, eyedrops for newborns and as coating for water filters, as outlined in a recent article by The AWL.

Whatever the case may be, the fact is that colloidal silver is used in some very strange ways for some very ambitious purposes. Here is a collection of weird stories, surprising and scary facts about the metal.

One man boasts that his ‘precious metals nano water’ is capable of curing arthritis, colitis, hepatitis, the flu – including H1N1 swine flu virus – and bacteria of every kind. Inventor Bruce McBernie says the product is perfectly safe. McBernie is so convinced that his silver-water works that he’s selling it for $18 per bottle. The company needed a little help so he took it to the Canadian television show Dragon’s Den in hopes of getting some investment cash. The Dragons were not impressed. Things got uncomfortable fairly quickly:

A former US Senate hopeful Stan Jones literally became blue after years of drinking colloidal silver over fears that the millennium bug may wreak havoc on antibiotic supplies. The electorate found it hard to focus on anything other than his jarring blue pigment and the Libertarian politician was unsuccessful in all election attempts. Jones developed an irreversible skin condition called Argyria from consuming too much silver.

And Jones is not the only one: Paul Karason applied colloidal silver directly on his face and took it as a beverage in an attempt to cure a different skin condition. Now he permanently sports a dark, gray shade of blue. In 2009 he told USA Today that he continues to use the ointment, saying his arthritis and acid reflux disappeared.

One man, Steve Barwick, says the precious metal has been a “Godsend” to himself and his cats, dogs and especially his pet turtle. Barwick’s adult desert tortoise King Tut suffered from a respiratory infection. After eating bits of colloidal silver each day King Tut was cured and the owners were spared hundreds of dollars in vet bills. Other animals that stand to benefit according to Barwick include Parakeets, Cockatiels, cows and pigs. 
But not every silver treatment is a harmless experiment. Most recently an iridologist faced a criminal tribunal after treating a woman with a cancerous legion. The woman died from improper medical treatment which included applying colloidal silver to the lesion