World’s first intelligent operator for duty monitoring and analysis technology launched today

Six Safety Systems, the leader in operator fit for duty safety solutions, and Tobii Technology, eye tracking and gaze interaction technology provider, announced today their partnership to develop LUCI™, the world’s first intelligent operator fit for duty technology that will help companies reduce risks associated with operator drowsiness and distraction while improving operational productivity. LUCI will be revealed at Six Safety System’s Innovation Room at the Petroleum Safety Conference, Kinnear Centre Room 210, in Banff, Alberta, May 1—4.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Tobii, who are recognized around the world for their award-winning innovations in eye-tracking technology and products,” said Rich Robillard, president of Six Safety Systems. “By combining the power of eye-tracking technology with our proven administrative strategies and sophisticated analytical database, we build LUCI to be the most comprehensive operator fit for duty solution in the world.”

LUCI is a proprietary monitoring and analysis system that can intelligently monitor operator fit for duty status in real time, analyze incoming data, and recommend improvements, all of which together enables organizations to significantly improve operator safety while reduce operational risk and costs.

Six Safety System’s operator fit for duty solutions are turn-key and based on a cycle of continuous improvement, reducing the safety hazards and business risks associated with drugs, alcohol, fatigue and distraction in the workplace.  There are six key elements of the cycle, and when applied properly to the specific needs of an organization, form a successful and cost efficient operator fit for duty strategy.

Human factors and safety professionals provide the Assess, Develop and Educate elements of the continuous cycle of improvement. LUCI powers the real time operator monitoring, analysis and reporting functions – the Monitor, Analyze and Recommend elements of the cycle.

LUCI will let operators see their drowsiness risk status through an on-board display, empowering them to manage and reduce their own level of risk.  In addition, LUCI’s analysis of Tobii’s real time monitoring data will provide objective insight that will refine and improve the operator fit for duty strategy, which Robillard said is a huge advantage in improving overall operator safety, while mitigating real business liabilities.

“The LUCI system is another concrete example of the many, valuable applications of Tobii’s eye tracking technology in enterprise operations,” said Henrik Eskilsson, CEO of Tobii Technology. “Through this partnership, we are able to realize the true benefits of Tobii’s robust eye tracking offerings for driver drowsiness and distraction while contributing to the safety and management operations of the mining and oil and gas industries.”

Six Safety Systems will be able to install Tobii’s eye tracking technology alongside operators in multiple industries without interfering with their work, which in turn negates the need for having operators wear specialized equipment, such as glasses.

“The monitoring and analysis takes place in real time, all the time,” said Robillard. “This represents our commitment to using leading-edge technology and real-world safety expertise to increase operator safety and reduce operational risk.”

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