Australian mine workers fired after video stunt

Australian miner Barminco fired up to 15 workers and banned them for life from all of the company’s projects after the men staged a video stunt underground in the Agnew gold mine, reports The West Australian.

The company fired the men who performed the stunt, as well as several onlookers, for breaching safety rules and company values.

The video stunt shows the eight men, one in his underwear and five with their shirts off, gyrating around next to a piece of mining equipment while electronic dance music plays.

While on a work break in the pit, the eight workers performed their version of the “Harlem Shake,” a dancing craze sweeping the Internet, then posted their clip of it on the popular video-sharing website YouTube, where almost 4,000 similar dancing videos are being uploaded every day.

One of the workers said the company was too heavy-handed because the men were having some fun, adding they weren’t wearing shirts so the Barminco name wouldn’t appear in the video.

The company has released no official statement.

Reaction online has been mixed with some people agreeing it was fun and others saying the men deserved to be sacked for violating rules.

While the original video has been taken down, a 30-second clip was preserved and has been remounted more than once on YouTube:

Frontpage image: Youtube

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