Carlson Wireless Develops Cost-Saving Wireless Link for Femco Emergency Phones Used Extensively in the Mining Industry

Arcata, CA – November 13 , 2008Carlson Wireless Technologies announces the release of MineConnect, the latest addition to their successful Trailblazer line of telecommunication radios. The MineConnect is designed to provide a wireless link for selected Femco phones built by GAI-Tronics. Femco phones are typically used for safety communications in the mining industry and in other industrial environments. These applications often have terrain and work environments that can create significant limitations and challenges for traditional wire line communications.

The MineConnect allows selected Femco phones to be used on a wireless network eliminating the need for wire lines for many above and below ground situations. The MineConnect operates in the 2.4 and 5.x GHz bands and is available for point to point and point to multipoint configurations with a range of up to 30 miles. Carlson Wireless’ systems have been used in mining and drilling operations for many years for traditional POTS and 4-wire connections, including their wireless PBX/PA (SafeTCOM) and wireless intercom products.

Recently MineConnect was utilized to meet the needs of a large Gold Mine in British Columbia. Partnering with Graham Bridgeman of TDS Controls, a system integrator working with CD Nova, a Carlson distributor in British Columbia, Carlson Wireless supplied the mine operator with MineConnect radios to wirelessly connect their Femco AM7011 phones.

“My client was looking for a way to connect multiple sites across a large pit which was proving to be very challenging using typical wire line,” said Bridgeman.  “Using the MineConnect system, they could install and even move phones most anywhere on the site quickly and reliably. And the quality of the voice signal is excellent with less line interference than the Femco phones that are hard wired.”

“Having the 5.8 GHz available was also a benefit as there were numerous 2.4 Ghz and 900 Mhz wireless systems on site,” added Bridgeman. “The cost benefit was very significant when compared to telephone lines, poles and other wired equipment. This wireless solution cost was less than 30% of an installed wired system. We look forward to applying this technology in many more locations.”

It is expected that there are numerous other applications for this technology as Femco phones are used ubiquitously throughout the mining as well as other industries. Due to rough terrain, extensive movement of large equipment and harsh environments in mining areas, wire line communication can be very expensive and time consuming to install and maintain.

“The MineConnect could be a cost effective communications solution for mine operators worldwide,” said Jim Carlson, CEO of Carlson Wireless. “Interest in new orders for the MineConnect is already coming in, as well as inquiries about how we could interface with other industrial phone products.”

For over a decade Carlson Wireless has been providing wireless communications solutions for large telecommunications projects, industry and public safety agencies to single telephone and data links. Carlson Wireless’ unique combination of their exclusive TrueTDMTM combined with TCP/IP technology allows for perfect wire line quality for POTS, 4-wire E&M, T1, SCADA and IP for a variety of applications. For more information visit

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