Don’t wear your gold – smoke it

Gold miners are in luck: Despite the downturn in gold prices, there’s always a market for people who just don’t know what to do with their money.

A company called Shine Papers has rolled out a new line of 24K gold cigarette rolling papers.

Yes, you can literally burn your gold away – for $55 per pack.

According to the company’s website, the group came up with the idea after a night of partying in Vegas.

“It seemed perfect,” Shine Papers writes.

“It’s definitely not an everyday product because of the price point,” a company spokesperson told ABC News. “But the people who feel like they are that person are showing a lot of support for it and returning to reorder.”

The website also posts reviews:

“Best slow burn I’ve had in years! Legit! Keep on that 24k” one customer going by the name of Eric wrote.


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