Dubai's weight loss champions get gold; city says next year's reward will be 'bigger than gold'

The United Arab Emirates doled out 16.8kg of gold on Thursday, rewarding winners of the summer's weight-loss challenge.

Earlier this year, the city of Dubai challenged its citizens to lose weight. For every kilo lost in the six-week period, the city promised to pay one gram of gold. Those who lost more than 5 kilos got 2 grams of gold.

According to The National, out of 10,000 people that initially signed up for the challenge, only 3,244 made it to the end. The city distributed the gold in a ceremony on Thursday.

1,795 people lost between two and five kilograms and seven residents lost more than 20kg, Emirates 247 reports. 

"It is one of our most successful campaigns," Mohammed Al Noori, Dubai Municipality's director of marketing and relations told Emirates 246. "We’ve seen that this has helped people become more disciplined about their health."

Dubai Municipality club manager told The Nation that the city will likely make this even a yearly thing – but next year's prize won't be gold.

"Probably something bigger than gold."

When asked what next year's prize will be, the manager responded “Nobody knows. This is Dubai.”