Glenn Beck says gold collapse doesn't 'smell right'

Glenn Beck speaks murkily about gold's crash yesterday that coincided with the Boston marathon bombing and says that "…something doesn't smell right."

Gold plunged by as much as $145 on Monday. The 9% drop was bullion's worst trading day.

The former Fox news commentator, who is now running The Blaze, doesn't spell out his accusations but shakes his head at unnamed forces. Buzzfeed has the video clip:

The only thing I have to fear is the government, quite frankly. The government is lying to you, the media not telling the truth. I mean, gold is the original gold standard, and something doesn't smell right. Such a currency of last resort that it's so unstable that the central banks are buying it up.

Let's say this turns out to be a terrorist operation with multiple bombs around the city. The stock market tanking, things going awry — wouldn't this exactly be like how it would happen?

Beck is a former pitchman for Goldline, a precious metal seller that was charged with fraud and forced to refund customers $4.5 million.

Buzzfeed claims that Beck is telling people that the Boston bombing is a reason to buy gold. A spokesperson from The Blaze denies this interpretation.