Gold price: Forget the death cross, here are 13 real reasons to be nervous

After an unnerving  $45 fall on Wednesday, gold is trying to build support around $1,570 an ounce.

At these levels gold is down more than $330 from the all-time high above $1,900 an ounce set in August 2011.

The yellow metal is also getting dangerously close to straying into bear territory – officially defined as a 20% pullback. Wednesday afternoon gold briefly touched $1,555 – that's an 18.5% retreat from the record high.

Here is a roundup of some of the reasons why gold's "long up cycle from 2001 to the present is very likely hitting an inflection point":

  • The largest ETF, SPDR Gold Trust (GLD), is on track for its biggest outflow since August 2011
  • Hedge funds and banks have been liquidating their positions – long holdings in GLD are the lowest in four years
  • Gross short futures on gold are close to a record high
  • There is a distinct cooling at the US Fed for quantitative easing
  • The structural role of gold when it comes to monetary policy is being questioned
  • All the talk about "currency wars" did not, as expected, benefit gold
  • The renewed appetite for riskier assets like stocks and bonds which unlike gold pay interest and dividends is causing rotation out of gold
  • Gold's role as a safe haven against systemic risk is slowly fading away
  • An improving US economy leading to a stronger dollar is hurting gold which tend to move in the opposite direction
  • Anecdotal evidence from online gold stores suggest retail buyers of coins, bars and certificates have unprecedented fear of further price falls
  • The 2,000 tonnes held by ETFs could flood the physical market when investors exit
  • Number one consumer India is actively trying to throttle domestic gold demand
  • Even robust physical demand from China and central banks will be overwhelmed by the much bigger financial transaction side of the market

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