Frik Els , Editor

Frik has 20 years’ experience as a business journalist across a range of industries including automotive, technology and entertainment markets. Frik has an entry in Global Mining Observer’s Who’s Who of Mining 2018, and contributions to publications and conferences including Business Insider,, Mines & Money London and New York, Vancouver Resources Investment, Progressive Mine Forum in Toronto and Canadian Mining Symposium in London, UK. He’s been interviewed on CBC Radio and Korea State TV and quoted in the Financial Post.

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Cybertruck: Musk needs mines

Powered by Tesla’s own made-in-Texas batteries, the stainless steel Cybertruck carries a heavy load of nickel, cobalt, manganese, graphite and lithium.
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Copper price: the squeeze has been squoze 

A deeper copper price correction is likely and a new report makes predictions of $40,000/t seem even sillier than they were a week ago.