MAC publishes new protocol for mines

The Mining Association of Canada is introducing a new standard, the Water Stewardship Protocol, as part of its Towards Sustainable Mining initiative. Miners that follow the protocol will improve their environmental performance and sustainability practice.

The development of the Water Stewardship Protocol came as a result of years of work and consultation by industry experts and stakeholder groups, including MAC’s Community of Interest Advisory Panel which played a key role in the protocol’s creation by ensuring its commitments are aligned with societal expectation.

The new protocol was heavily influenced by the International Council on Minerals and Metals’ (ICMM) Water Stewardship Framework and their Practical Guide to Catchment-Based Water Management which provide industry best practices on water management and place a strong focus on working with other water users on finding solutions to shared challenges.

“TSM’s new Water Stewardship Protocol will help our sector focus its leadership in water conservation not just as it relates to how mines manage their water use but on how we can contribute to broader watershed scale stewardship,” said Pierre Gratton, MAC president and CEO.

Click here to download a copy of MAC’s Water Stewardship Protocol.

This story first appeared in Canadian Mining Journal.

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