Will a dry spell in Chile curb a global oversupply of copper?

Cecilia Jamasmie | February 25, 2015
Chile’s dry spell to weigh on global copper oversupply

A raging seven-year drought affecting copper-rich Chile is making miners grow anxious, with BHP and Anglo American already reporting an impact in their operations.

Galaxy Resources: A new focus to meet the coming lithium demand

The Energy Report | March 5, 2015
lithium chemical element button

Just two years ago, Galaxy Resources Ltd. was overleveraged and unfocused.

Apple puts batteries at the centre of its EV masterplan

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence | February 25, 2015
Colleen - electric car, charging, lithium - 333

Law suit exposes Apple's electric vehicle ambitions; Supply chain excellence key to company cutting battery costs and increasing volume for secret EV plan, Project Titan

Here's the timeline for battery commercialization

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence | February 11, 2015
commercialization batteries

Big new megafactories coming in 2017.

Lithium, cobalt, graphite tipping point expected in two years: Simon Moores

Michael Allan McCrae | February 3, 2015
simon moores lithium colbalt graphite benchmark battery demand

Much bigger batteries will be needed.

Orocobre's lithium plant is up and running

Michael Allan McCrae | February 3, 2015
orocobre salar de olaroz argentina lithium

US$229 million to build.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are 'extremely silly' says Elon Musk

Michael Allan McCrae | February 2, 2015
Elon Musk on why Hydrogen fuel cell is dumb

Casting shade.

Visual Capitalist

INFOGRAPHIC: Lithium – the key ingredient powering today's tech

Visual Capitalist | January 14, 2015
shutterstock lithium 333

Today's infographic covers every aspect of lithium from its uses in technology to its elemental properties.

Chris Berry identifies commodity companies with the disruptive advantage

The Mining Report | December 30, 2014
mt polley expert panel review

Game-changing disruptive technologies or sustainable end-user agreements are what companies need to succeed and he shares some likely names in the cobalt, lithium, nickel, graphite—even uranium—spaces in this interview with The Mining Report.

Codelco El Teniente mine expansion to take longer, cost $2bn more

Cecilia Jamasmie | December 19, 2014
Codelco El Teniente mine expansion to take longer, cost $2bn more

The touted expansion of the world's largest underground copper mine is two to three years behind schedule and will require $2 billion more than initially planned, said the company.

Chile’s mining sector to double energy demand by 2025

Cecilia Jamasmie | November 27, 2014
Chile’s mining sector to double energy demand by 2025

These are not very good news for the energy-starved copper producing nation.

Lithium processing breakthrough delivers 25 year option for Australia's Cobre Montana

Cobre Montana NL | November 11, 2014

Locks in exclusive rights to the only practical processing technology globally able to recover lithium from mica group minerals (sheet silicates)

RB Energy meltdown highlights tough times for lithium, rare earth firms

Financial Post | October 20, 2014

As RB Energy Inc. flamed out and fell into creditor protection during the past couple of weeks, investors were shell-shocked.

Simon Moores - Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Batteries leave lithium hydroxide facing tight supply

lithium ion battery

2015 could see a battery surge as lithium hydroxide faces a shortage on strong global demand, says Benchmark

Looking for lithium mega-deals with Thibaut Lepouttre

The Energy Report | September 18, 2014
Mining Truck

Where will Tesla Motors get the tons of lithium it will need to make advanced batteries at its Nevada gigafactory?

CHARTS: Giant gap between future lithium supply, demand

Frik Els | September 10, 2014
CHARTS: Giant gap between future lithium supply, demand

New study shows soaring demand for lithium in electric cars and estimates of supply growth don't come close. The opposite is true for rare earths.

Why the debate over energy storage utterly misses the point | September 3, 2014

Many technologies have been tested in the field or been fully installed, but their real-world applications have created constant questions around a number of fixed themes: the three-points concern cost, technology, and potential environmental impact, as well as the need for specific regulation and end-of-life management.

Nissan Leaf boasts 300 KM range for its upcoming 2016 model

Michael Allan McCrae | August 31, 2014
nissan leaf 333

Still not as great as the current Model S.

Canaccord's Luke Smith: Five Aussie companies with cash flows, low costs and MOUs

The Mining Report | August 26, 2014

Now more than ever, only select mining companies are attracting investors.

Canadian firms slow to embrace ‘Internet of Things’

Business in Vancouver | August 20, 2014
internet of things feat

Data-driven efficiency innovations showcased at Grow Conference in Whistler.

INFOGRAPHIC: Inside Tesla's $5 Billion Gigafactory

Visual Capitalist | July 27, 2014
INFOGRAPHIC Inside Tesla's $5 Billion Gigafactory feat

Plant means jobs for 6,500 people.

Tesla's gigafactory and recent M&A boosting lithium sector to new highs

Tesla's gigafactory and recent M&A boosting lithium sector to new highs feat

Sector on verge of major breakout.

Mass grave with hundreds of skeletons found in Bolivian mining town

Cecilia Jamasmie | July 27, 2014
Mass grave with hundreds of skeletons found in Bolivian mining town

Hundreds of thousands have died over the years at the city's main silver mine, as a direct result of cave-ins, overwork, hunger and disease.

Tesla retools California plant for Model X SUV

Jeffrey Richmond | July 23, 2014
tesla retools california plant for model x suv feat

Two vehicle models to be built on same assembly line.

Affordable Tesla details are revealed

Michael Allan McCrae | July 20, 2014
tesla 400 shutterstock

Available in 2017 for $35,000.

INFOGRAPHIC: Tesla builds largest charging station network Editor | July 14, 2014
tesla infographic feat

Superchargers replenish half a charge in as little as 20 minutes.

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