US Rare Earth Minerals says it has no supply deal with Tesla

Cecilia Jamasmie | August 31, 2015
U.S. Rare Earth Minerals calling supply deal with Tesla Motors a ‘bluff’

The company that sealed the high-profile deal to supply lithium to electric carmaker is in fact London-based Rare Earth Minerals (LON:REM).

Tesla begins Gigafactory sourcing with lithium supply deal

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence | August 28, 2015
Satellite images show Tesla's Gigafactory ambitions

London-based Bacanora Minerals and Rare Earth Minerals have received the go-ahead to supply lithium hydroxide to Tesla's lithium-ion battery megafactory from its clay deposit in Mexico's north-west should the new project reach production.

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INFOGRAPHIC – On the precipice: Will global markets follow commodities off the cliff?

Visual Capitalist | August 21, 2015
INFOGRAPHIC - On the precipice - graph

Today may be the end of this trend of divergence. US equities are at a precipice: fueled by low rates and quantitative easing for years, they have finally started to tumble from record highs.

New landscape for BC mining environmental reviews

Canada must open mining to First Nations to remain competitive— study

First Nation support for resource projects has become increasingly important to their success.

Avalon Rare Metals begins pilot plant program at lithium asset

Cecilia Jamasmie | August 17, 2015
Avalon Rare Metals begins pilot plant program at lithium asset

The facility aims to test a new lithium minerals process developed by the company over the past year.

China's surprise currency move is more bad news for Canadian commodities

Business in Vancouver | August 11, 2015
Canadian miners performance down 15% in Q3 on falling metal prices

Stock markets in Canada and the United States fell sharply on the news that China had allowed the yuan to drop 2%.

Thinking outside the commodity box: Benchmark's investment primer for lithium, cobalt and graphite

The Gold Report | August 11, 2015

Simon Moores, managing director of London-based Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, and the firm's analyst, Andrew Miller, provide insight into minerals that they say need to shed their labels as traditional commodities and embrace their future as niche, raw-material solutions for a growing list of technology manufacturers.

Codelco says over $15 million in damages due to strike at Salvador mine

Cecilia Jamasmie | August 9, 2015
Codelco says over $15 million in damages to its Salvador mine due to strike

Codelco, the world's No.1 copper producer, confirmed it will start legal actions against protesters this week.

Chart: Panasonic predicts lithium-ion utility storage surge

One of the world’s leading battery manufacturers, Panasonic Corp, is predicting significant growth in emerging markets for lithium-ion batteries.

CRA targeting mining-sector tax havens

Business in Vancouver | August 5, 2015
Vale to pay Brazil $674 million in mining taxes

It’s an issue that the Canadians for Tax Fairness and the Liberal Party of Canada appear to be hoping to make a federal election issue.

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Work continues

Study: New projects need a $3.50 copper price

There are good companies doing promising work. Yes, the news flow is slower than in better markets, but that doesn’t mean it’s crickets out there.

Nemaska Lithium gets go ahead for its Whabouchi mine in Quebec

Cecilia Jamasmie | July 30, 2015
Nemaska Lithium gets go ahead for its Whabouchi mine in Quebec

The proposed open-pit surface and underground spodumene mine will produce lithium, highly used in the manufacturing of batteries for cell phones and electric cars.

Codelco resumes operations at Chuquicamata amid fresh road blockages

Cecilia Jamasmie | July 30, 2015
Codelco resumes operations at Chuquicamata amid fresh road blockages

A group of demonstrators, however, continued to block some access roads on Thursday morning, attempting to seize a bus that was heading to the nearby Gabriela Mistral mine.

Warren Buffett and Elon Musk to spark a lithium boom | July 29, 2015

This wonder mineral is the backbone of our everyday lives, popping up in everything from the glass in our windows to our mountains of electronics.

Codelco halts world's largest open pit copper mine over strike

Cecilia Jamasmie | July 28, 2015
Codelco halts world's largest open pit copper mine over strike

Things took a turn for the worse Friday, when a worker was shot dead by police near the company's smaller Salvador mine in northern Chile.

Two lithium juniors combine in $80 million deal

Michael Allan McCrae | July 2, 2015
Western Lithium and Lithium Americas announce Merger, Consolidating Strategic Lithium Deposits in North and South America

Achieve more at scale.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Every Chinese overseas investment over $100m visualized

Visual Capitalist | June 17, 2015
China's stake in rare earths market shrinking

Showing over 1,250 attempted transactions, this list includes both successful and failed attempts in order to visualize the ebb and flow of Chinese investments up until mid-2014.

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INFOGRAPHIC: A cost comparison – lithium brine vs. hard rock exploration

Visual Capitalist | June 2, 2015

Lithium brine exploration has several benefits associated with it from a cost perspective.

How to ride the lithium battery boom: JGL Partners' Jonathan Lee

The Energy Report | June 2, 2015

Lee tells The Energy Report that he expects double-digit compound annual growth rates over the next few years as battery prices continue to fall and demand rises.

Tesla Storage announcement is another piece of the puzzle in renewable energy hybrid markets

THEnergy observes increasing interest in storage solutions from industrial off-grid end-customers and project developers.

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The lithium-ion battery megafactories are coming

Visual Capitalist | May 8, 2015
tesla 400 shutterstock

Production capacity of lithium-ion batteries is anticipated to more than triple by 2020.

Tesla evolves with low cost utility battery launch

Last night Tesla Motors launched a new range of batteries that can power homes and commercial buildings at a fraction of the expected cost.

Satellite images show Tesla's Gigafactory ambitions

Satellite images show Tesla's Gigafactory ambitions

Tesla will need to purchase at least 7,000 tonnes of spherical graphite, 5,000 tonnes of lithium hydroxide, and 1,500 tonnes of cobalt in 2015 ready to begin production by January 2016.

Codelco to unveil plan to speed up delayed Chuquicamata mine expansion

Cecilia Jamasmie | April 16, 2015
Codelco to unveil plan to speed up delayed Chuquicamata mine expansion

The plan seeks to tackle an almost yearlong delay in the project to turn century-old Chuquicamata open pit mine into an underground operation.

Atacama floods: Lithium impact analysed

Chile set to make mining desalination mandatory

After a freak storm and flooding in Chile’s Atacama Desert temporarily closed one of the world’s leading lithium operations, fears of further supply squeezes and upward price pressure this year have been allayed after operations resumed.

SQM’s new CEO on lithium, EVs, and future of batteries

In little under two decades, SQM SA has gone from entering the lithium market to dominating global production.

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