Azarga optimistic about Gas Hill historical data

Azarga believes Gas Hills can become a satellite project to the Dewey Burdock property, pictured here. (Image courtesy of Azarga Uranium).

Azarga Uranium (TSX: AZZ) has announced that, through the analysis of historical data, it has identified additional uranium mineralization at its Gas Hills project in Wyoming. 

The property sits approximately 250 miles from Azarga’s initial development priority, the Dewey Burdock in-situ recovery uranium project in South Dakota. As such, Gas Hills has the potential to become a satellite project to Dewey Burdock.

Azarga believes Gas Hills has the potential to transform into a significant satellite deposit for the company’s flagship Dewey Burdock project

In a press release, the Canadian miner said that one of the main revelations provided by the data was the existence of 147 mineralized drill holes with 173 intercepts equal to or exceeding a 0.2 grade-thickness (GT) cutoff using a 0.02% grade cutoff with an average U308 grade of 0.137% and an average thickness of 5.3 feet. 

The data also showed that sandstone-hosted roll front uranium mineralization is located below the water table indicating potential for ISR amenability; that there is uranium mineralization contained within the company’s existing mineral leases/permits for Gas Hills, and that the expanded envelope of uranium mineralization indicates the potential to supplement the existing Gas Hills Project resource estimate.

“There is sufficient hydraulic head and permeability to allow for the successful use of ISR mining techniques at the majority of the Gas Hills project resource estimate and this additional uranium mineralization indicates further upside potential for ISR amenable mineralization,” John Mays, Azarga’s CEO, said in the media brief.

“The analysis of the Gas Hills data set has not yet been completed and as we continue our review, we expect that further uranium mineralization will be identified at the Gas Hills project.”

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