Battery-technology metals to leave gold, silver in the dust: readers

Vintage Type “C” Flashlight Batteries, 1.5 Volts. Creative commons image by Joe Haupt.

A whopping two-thirds of readers say battery-technology metals will perform better than precious or base metals in 2018.

The survey, which ran last month ahead of the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference 2018, asked our readers how the materials needed to make batteries for the coming electrical vehicle revolution will fare over the coming years. Key findings were the following:

  • Two-thirds of respondents said battery-technology metals will out-perform base metals and precious metals.
  • Another two-thirds said battery-technology metals have NOT been over-hyped.
  • Fifty percent of respondents said 2025 is the year when battery-technology metal demand really hit the market.
  • In regards to investing in the sector, 41% prefer to pick juniors. Another third are putting money into producers.
  • Our of the entire battery-material space, readers said lithium and cobalt will be at the head of the pack. At the back of the pack are nickel and graphite.

Results of survey are below. Number of answers per survey questions averaged 50.

What sector has furthest to run in 2018? 

Do you think battery-technology metal have been over-hyped? 

When will battery-technology metal demand really hit the market?

How are you investing in battery-technology metals?

Rank how each of the battery-technology metals will perform.

Creative commons image of Vintage Type “C” Flashlight Batteries, 1.5 Volts by Joe Haupt.