BHP joins Komatsu’s GHG Alliance

Image from Komatsu.

To accelerate its push to become a net-zero operator by 2050, BHP announced it will become a founding member of Komatsu’s GHG Alliance, which aims to develop commercially viable zero-greenhouse gas emissions haul trucks.

As a founding partner of the Alliance, the world’s no.1 miner plans to operate one of the first batches of zero-emission trucks upon commercial release.

BHP will provide engineering and technical resources to Komatsu to support the development phase as required, which in turn will provide BHP with real-time access to technology in development.

In the media statement, BHP said it will collaborate with Komatsu through the BHP FutureFit Academy to develop the future-facing skills within its teams to operate and maintain the pioneering equipment.

“Tackling climate change requires strong collaboration and collective effort across the supply chain,” BHP’s Chief Commercial Officer, Vandita Pant, said in the statement.

“Reducing vehicle emissions is key to our climate strategy, and we are thrilled to join with Komatsu and our peers in the global mining sector on real, tangible action to help accelerate our transition to a low carbon future,” Pant said.