Buffalo not halting operations in South Africa

Coal. (Reference image by Pavlofox, Needpix).

Buffalo Coal announced that due to the relatively high prevalence of immuno-compromised conditions among workers in the South African mining industry, management has decided to implement additional measures to reduce the potential spread of Covid-19.

At present, the measures are limited to increased safety and hygiene but they do not involve shutting down operations.

In a media statement, the company said that it is constantly monitoring the situation to identify and react to any potential supply chain disruptions that might emerge.

According to the WHO, South Africa has 63 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and none of the people infected has died

“To date, Covid-19 has neither impacted production or product shipments at the company’s sites, nor have there been any significant negative impacts on, or disruption to, the company’s supply chain,” the press brief reads.

Buffalo holds a majority interest in two operating mines through its 100% interest in Buffalo Coal Dundee, a South African company which has a 70% interest in Zinoju. Zinoju holds a 100% interest in the Magdalena bituminous mine and the Aviemore anthracite mine in the southeastern corner of South Africa. 

The 1,844-hectare Magdalena operation is located 22 kilometres from the town of Dundee in KwaZulu-Natal. Its underground mine has an estimated measured and indicated mineable coal resource of 50.29 million tonnes of in situ coal with an estimated volume of 33.52 million cubic metres and production capacity of 100,000 tonnes of saleable bituminous coal per month.

The 5,592-hectare Aviemore operation, on the other hand, is located four kilometres from Dundee. Its underground mine has an estimated mineable measured and indicated coal resource of 35.35 million tonnes of in situ coal with an estimated volume of 23.57 million cubic meters and production capacity of 45,500 tonnes of anthracite coal per month.