Cooling equipment to help companies be more profitable and environmentally friendly

Ontario-based MFS Systems (2007) Inc. said its cooling equipment could help large companies such as Chile’s copper producer Codelco and molybdenum processor Molymet increase their profits while maintaining high environmental standards.

According to the Canadian supplier, its Molybdenum oxide rotary cooler is one of the best in the market, as well as safe and environmentally friendly.

“Our cooler exceeded the goal of bringing molybdenum temperatures down from 550 Celsius to 50 Celsius; we got it down to 33 Celsius,” says the company’s executive Raymond Dubosq.

MFS Systems (2007) has supplied companies such as JDC in China where it helped the company increase their profit by over 51%, while maintaining high environmental standards. The client required Moly temperatures from 620 Celsius to 100 Celsius but we exceeded this down to 50 Celsius.

Another recent project was in South Korea for a company called SeAH, where MFS retrofitted a roasting operation, increasing its capacity by more than 100%.