David Baines parts ways with the Vancouver Sun

Well-known Howe Street stock scam reporter David Baines is leaving the Vancouver Sun.

He accepted a buy out from the Pacific Newspaper Group, which is currently cutting costs as it copes with declining revenues. Reports put the total layoffs at Pacific Newspaper Group at over 60 people. Part of the newspaper’s office space is also up for lease.

Baines, as stated in his profile that is still up on the Vancouver Sun site, has been “. . . uncovering white collar crime, stock fraud in particular, for the past 23 years.

His regular Wednesday and Saturday column has earned him four National Newspaper Awards, a National Magazine Award and five Jack Webster Awards.

Baines earned an MBA from the University of Western Ontario.

A few have been gnashing their teeth on Twitter over the loss:



There is no word on where Baines is headed. Perhaps he will have time to update his Twitter account.

Correction: Text was changed to state that a portion of the Vancouver Sun’s office space is being leased. The number of layoffs are upwards of 60 people at the Pacific Newspaper Group, not just the Vancouver Sun. MINING.com regrets the error.