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Donald Duck gold coins sold out ‘in minutes’

Donald Duck gold coins sold out ‘in minutes’

2014 80th anniversary of Donald Duck gold and silver coins in presentation case. 

One thousand Donald Duck gold coins made by New Zealand’s and Australia’s Mints sold out in the first 10 minutes after their release last week and are now being traded on auction websites for a 100% profit.

According to the mint, the only remaining ones are silver coins, which —just like their bullion version— show the Disney character as it appeared for the first time 80 years ago, wearing his trademark sailor suit and bow tie, in “The Wise Little Hen” (1934).

Donald Duck gold coins sold out ‘in minutes’

Coin collectors seem to be among the few ones who have not lost their faith in gold. The Donald Duck coins follow gold and silver ones released in April, which depicted Mickey Mouse and that also sold out within days.

Experts believe that, beyond collectors push, coin sales have been lifted by gold’s reputation as a safe haven.  As inflation increases, the value of money drops and the prices of all goods increase. Consumers prefer to hold gold instead of cash during these periods as gold acts as a value retainer for them.