Driest mines in North America

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The Mesquite mine in California is the continent’s driest mine; on average, only about 78 millimeters of rain falls on this desert mine each year.

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#1 Mesquite
Average annual precipitation: 78 mm
Location: California
Owner: Western Mesquite Mines
Type: Open-pit gold mine

#2 Brigg
Average annual precipitation: 89 mm
Location: California
Owner: CR Briggs
Type: Open-pit gold and silver mine

#3 Boron
Average annual precipitation: 96 mm
Location: California
Owner: U.S. Borax
Type: Open-pit borate mine

#4 Fallon
Average annual precipitation: 120 mm
Location: Nevada
Owner: Huck Salt
Type: Underground salt mine

#5 Denton-Rawhide
Average annual precipitation: 145 mm
Location: Nevada
Owner: Rawhide Mining
Type: Open-pit gold and silver mine

#6 Sterling
Average annual precipitation: 146 mm
Location: Nevada
Owner: Sterling Gold Mining
Type: Underground gold mine

#7 Wendover
Average annual precipitation: 152 mm
Location: Utah
Owner: Intrepid Potash
Type: In-situ magnesium, potash, salt, and potassium oxide mine

#8 Gabbs
Average annual precipitation: 160 mm
Location: Nevada
Owner: Premier Magnesia
Type: Open-pit magnesium mine

#9 Glendale
Average annual precipitation: 169 mm
Location: Arizona
Owner: Morton Salt
Type: Surface salt mine

#10 Round Mountain
Average annual precipitation: 179 mm
Location: Nevada
Owner: Round Mountain Gold
Type: Open-pit gold and silver mine

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