Fox talk show host believes Keystone is going to happen

Bill O’Reilly, talk show host on Fox News, believes Keystone XL oilsands pipeline is going to be approved, and it will be good the U.S.

O’Reilly made the comments to Canadian radio show host Charles Adler. The interview with O’Reilly is set to run later this week.

O’Reilly is a leading news commentator on the U.S. cable network Fox News. He is watched by four million people each day.

Adler, who is also a pipeline supporter, asked O’Reilly how he would respond to Darryl Hannah and her “ilk” who are protesting the pipeline. In August O’Reilly interviewed Hannah, who opposes the building of Keystone XL.

“Look, we are all sensitive to the environmental issues,” O’Reilly told Adler.

“You are sensitive to it up there; we are sensitive to it down here. But there comes a point where you safeguard the environment as much as you can, and you have to have progress.”

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