Exotic travel and lots of money: commodity trader for a major miner lists business perks

Getting to travel to off the beaten track and a lucrative IPO are some of the benefits a Glencore (LON:GLEN) trader mentioned during a Reddit ask me anything.

The social media user, who went by the handle “glencore12,” said that his actual salary was small, but that the main motivation came from the annual bonus, which is paid in both cash and stocks. Last year, for instance, he claimed to have gotten around $1.1 million.

He also explained how a handful of countries produce the bulk of global resources, using the handy map you can see below (click on it to enlarge).

Joe Weisenthal, at Business Insider, cautions that it would be difficult to verify if this is a real trader, but if you read the forum it becomes clear this person knows the deal inside out.

You can read the full “Ask me anything” on Reddit here >> >>

Glencore insider answers key questions and shares revealing map

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