Hitachi builds EX5600-6 to customer requirements

After listening to customer demands for reliability and even greater production in ultra-large hydraulic excavators than before, Hitachi brings its new EX5600-6 to market. Available in either an excavator or backhoe configuration, the EX5600-6 has numerous improvements without losing the features Hitachi machines are known for.

The loader bucket has been increased to 28 m3 and the backhoe bucket to 34 m3. Hydraulic pump output is 10% higher without sacrificing cycle time. Although the Cummins engine remains the same, a higher horsepower configuration is installed in the -6 model compared to the -5. LED lighting is standard in the cab and an interface with major mine management systems commonly used in many mine site, including Wenco, is optional. The hydraulic oil cooler has a new core, and fan speed is increased to provide additional cooling capacity.
Hitachi has retained tried-and-true features in the EX5600-6, including the exclusive auto-leveling crowd mechanism with one-lever control. Maximum efficiency from the engine and hydraulic pumps is achieved with computer control. The cab remains roomy and comfortable with short-throw levers, an air suspension seat and large LCD monitor. Provisions for extreme operating conditions – tropical to arctic – are still available.
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