Hong Kong firm develops tech to detect lab-grown yellow diamonds

Yellow Diamond. Image by caro_oe92 from Pixabay. 

A Hong Kong-based developer of tech systems for detecting lab-grown, imitation and treated diamonds has created a new device aimed at amplifying the range of detectable merchandise to include all rough and polished stones in the lower yellowish-to-light-brown colour ranges.

According to developer Diamond Services, this is the first device capable of identifying the yellowish gems together with the colourless to near-colourless range of diamonds. The way it works is that the system scans the rocks at the temperature of liquid nitrogen as opposed to examining them at room temperature.

Detection device. Photo by Diamond Services.

“To provide as accurate results as possible, we insist that all diamonds being tested to detect the possible presence of synthetically-produced goods be examined at temperatures in a liquid nitrogen atmosphere,” said Joseph Kuzi, Diamond Services’ founder and president, in a media statement. “Since this can only be done reliably and safely in a proper laboratory setting, we have chosen not to sell the equipment we develop, but rather to use it exclusively as part of the service we provide the trade. The new DND system improves that offering, widening the range of goods that can be screened to include all goods at the lower end of the standard colour range.”

DND stands for Diamond Natural Device and, according to its manufacturer, the system is also capable of scanning loose diamonds and diamonds set in jewellery, in large quantities, and with no size limitations, in short periods of time.