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House of Cards’ $1.3-million diamond-encrusted bottle of vodka stolen

Screenshot from House of Cards season 3. Video from DartZ Vimeo page.

What is believed to be the world’s most expensive bottle of vodka has been stolen from a Copenhagen bar.

The $1.3-million container was made of yellow gold and silver and had a diamond-encrusted replica of the Russian Imperial Eagle on its cap. On season three of the political thriller House of Cards, it was served to US President Frank Underwood, played by the now-beleaguered Kevin Spacey.

Following its Netflix appearance, the Russo-Baltique bottle was loaned by Latvia-based Dartz Motor Company to Denmark’s Cafe 33. From there, it was taken this week by a masked man, security cameras footage shows.

According to AFP, Brian Ingberg, owner of the bar, said somebody must have gotten the key from a former employee. Copenhagen police said no suspect has been caught yet. Meanwhile, Dartz founder Leonard Yankelovich told the BBC he was hopeful he would get the bottle back.