JV Video: GeologicAI rethinks mining data and cuts carbon emissions

The Bill Gates-backed firm GeologicAI has seen a rapid uptake of its technology among global mining majors, demonstrating a 5% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions at operations in Africa, the company says.

GeologicAI uses artificial intelligence (AI), new data types and superior algorithms to scan rocks and gather information for thorough mineral analyses, founder and president Grant Sanden explained during an interview.

“The technology aims to handle uncertainty in resource estimation, thereby significantly improving the economics and environmental efficiency of mining operations,” Sanden told The Northern Miner’s western editor, Henry Lazenby, during the recent Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada’s convention in Toronto.

GeologicAI in 2023 merged with another service provider, RMS (Resource Modelling Solutions), enhancing their data analytics and algorithms in mining.

Watch the full interview below.

JV Videos are sponsored content in arrangement with The Northern Miner.


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