Justin Trudeau asks Gabriel Boric for insights on Canadian miners’ behaviour in Chile

Gabriel Boric and Justin Trudeau. (Image by Presidente de Chile, Wikimedia Commons.)

Following a meeting with his Canadian counterpart at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit being held this week in Thailand, Chilean President Gabriel Boric said that Justin Trudeau asked him to provide information on the behaviour of Canadian mining companies when it comes to complying with Chilean environmental legislation. 

According to local media, Trudeau showed interest in the grievances that some communities in northern Chile have expressed regarding the way Canadian miners operate. He asked Boric for insights on firms that may not be “acting in accordance with the standard that he himself, as Prime Minister, has established as the proper behaviour of companies, which is to be in full compliance with the rule of law,” Boric said.

The Chilean head of state also pointed out that his country maintains a trusting relationship with Canada and that all he asks from foreign investors is to act as they would in their countries of origin.