Lucky Aussie prospector finds massive 2kg gold nugget

Lucky Aussie prospector finds massive 2kg gold nuggetAustralian prospector Mick Brown, 42, still can’t believe his luck after he found a hunk of gold weighing 87 oz. (or more than 2kg) in central Victoria, near Wedderburn.

According to The Age, he named it the “fair dinkum nugget” because when people feel its weight they say “fair dinkum this is huge.”

While Brown chose to keep the place where he found the buried treasure as a secret, he disclosed he thought others had already searched in the same area.

In 2013 another prospector uncovered a 22-cm-long hunk of gold weighing 5.5 kg, outside of Ballarat, Victoria.

A few months earlier, a photo of a boomerang-shaped object, allegedly belonging to a huge 60-kilogram yellow metal nugget, found near Kalgoorlie, also had its 15 minutes of fame.

Image courtesy of MineLab.