Maritime piracy shifts to Atlantic, Southeast Asia

Maritime piracy shifts to Atlantic, Southeast Asia

Source: Official US Navy Page

After a high-profile treatment of Somali pirates in a Hollywood movie, attacks from the Horn of Africa appear to have faded from the headlines.

But the scourge of ship hijacking on the high seas is still very much a part of the maritime industry.

Maritime Executive reports researcher Dryad confirms this trend showing that 70 pirating incidents taking place so far this year, including the shocking figure of 41 crew being taken hostage in 2014.

With the concerted international effort to wipe out piracy off the Somali coast and the Horn of Africa, activity has shifted elsewhere: 44% of incidents this year happened Southeast Asian waters and there was also a spike in Gulf of Guinea crimes.

The Singapore Straits have seen a spate of attacks and in one incident an Angolan ship carrying 13,000 tonnes of gasoline was taken by a Nigerian gang 1,300km (800 miles) off the coast.

Somali pirating is far from being eradicated though with two central figures in the campaign working for the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime shot dead at an airport in the country on Monday.

Source: Maritime Executive

Read more at the Maritime Executive.

Image of members of a search and seizure team from USS Anzio intercepting a skiff with a group of suspected pirates in the Guld of Aden by US Navy.

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