Miners among most productive, happiest workers in the world: study

Image Veronique Moseley-Labordus/Flickr Commons

Miners across the globe are not only one of the most productive employees, but also rank among the happiest, reveals a study published Thursday by London-based iOpener Institute for People and Performance.

The cross-industry study, which analyzed responses from over 30,000 professionals, reveals significant differences between personal productivity levels depending on the country and industry sector, with mining scoring a higher than average “time on task” —total hours workers are actively producing outputs that make a tangible contribution to their organization—of 62.1%.

In terms of countries, Mexico shows to have the highest productivity (73.2% of time on task) and Portugal the lowest (43.3%).

Miners among most productive, happiest workers in the world: study

Courtesy of iOpener Institute.

Jessica Pryce-Jones, founder director of the iOpener Institute and author of “Happiness at Work – Maximizing Your Psychological Capital for Success,” says the findings offer organizations a contextual starting point.

“Those in mining can ascertain how they measure up when compared to their sector and country averages, and tailor their productivity initiatives accordingly,” she says, adding that while the mining sector can be proud for scoring high, “there is still room for further improvement, particularly as rising costs and supply and demand imbalances make for a challenging market. ”

Image Veronique Moseley-Labordus/Flickr Commons.