New product promises to reduce environmental effects of burning coal

Asia Coal Catalyst Company has launched new product that promises to improve significantly energy efficiencies, as well as reducing environmental impacts from burning low calorie coal.

CC-88 is a combustion catalyst, which helps improve combustion burning solid fuel types, like coal and petcoke. CC-88 allows these fuels burn more thoroughly resulting in less harmful pollution.

CEO Evan W. Lipstein explains that, at a full-scale demonstration at a utility in China last month, the company was able to achieve a 20% improvement to combustion efficiency.

Lipstein explains CC-88 is a specially engineered fireside chemical treatment designed to reduce slagging in utility boilers. Slagging occurs in the convection areas of the furnace, and is caused by the collection of ash on the boiler tubes and internal surfaces inside the furnace, which in turn crystallizes and hardens, thereby reducing the heat transfer efficiency. If not corrected, it can cause damage to the internals of the furnace when the slag breaks off and falls away to the bottom of the furnace. In order to avoid forced outages, plant owners employ down-powers to remove slag during off-peak hours, thereby reducing the unit’s availability for dispatch.

ACCC is a self-funded company, with well-known clients that include General Electric and China National Coal Group.