Nissan Leaf boasts 300 KM range for its upcoming 2016 model

A new generation Nissan Leaf available late 2016 will more than double the range of the current model.

According to Auto Express the electric car will have a likely target of 300 kilometres. The all-electric car will be priced at US$28,200.

Tesla’s current Model S has a range of 426 kilometres. It is priced at around $70,000.  The current model of the Nissan Leaf has a range of  120 km and list price of $31,000.

The new Leaf’s release will coincide with Tesla’s newest offering Tesla Model 3. The new car will be about 20% smaller than the current Model S and sell for about $35,000. The batteries for new Model 3 will come from Tesla’s Gigafactory, a large battery plant that is currently being built.

Image of 2016 Nissan Leaf from Auto Express


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