pH7 engages Elevated Signals to streamline operations

(Image by pH7).

Sustainable mining company pH7 announced the adoption of software developer Elevated Signals’ Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) platform to capture real-time data and facilitate data-driven analytics.

pH7 provides mines, original equipment manufacturers and recyclers with eco-friendly, cost-effective solutions for extracting and processing copper and platinum group metals, which are essential for the development of hydrogen energy and electrification technologies.

“pH7’s closed-loop, sustainable extraction technology is a proven solution that complements and accelerates the ongoing extraction and processing efforts of critical metals by the mining and recycling sectors,” Mohammad Doostmohammadi, founder and CEO of pH7 Technologies, said in a media statement.

“This eco-efficient approach is crucial as we work to secure the supply of resources for the energy transition. With access to Elevated Signals’ cloud-based software, we look forward to streamlining our operations and leveraging real-time data and insights to inform reporting processes for our partners.”

pH7 is set to expand its operations to include an additional demonstration plant in the city of Burnaby, British Columbia, in Q3 2024, spanning 30,000 sq. ft. Thus, the company needed to engage a solution to streamline and automate complex processes with ease.

“Our MRP platform is a central source of truth that excels in providing reliable, real-time inventory tracking—essential in the critical minerals space,” Elevated Signals CEO Amar Singh said. “This expertise, drawn from our history in highly regulated markets, delivers unmatched flexibility and efficiency, setting new manufacturing standards across industries.”