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Thailand to shut largest gold mine on environment concerns

Thailand will shutter its largest gold mine by the end…

Japan risks wasting US$56bn in new coal-fired power stations — report

According to the University of Oxford’s Smith School of Enterprise…

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Report downplays communist threat to mining in the Philippines

In late December 2010 a spokesman for the National Democratic Front (NDF), a confederation that encompasses many of the country’s leftist groups — including the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and its New People's Army (NPA) military wing — warned that it intended to increase the tempo of attacks against mining companies.

Gold traders in India stock up after drop in prices

Gold buying continues in India. Harvest festival and wedding season sees traders equip themselves for demand. Indian rupee remains steady. MUMBAI (Reuters) - India's gold buying continued on Monday afternoon after prices fell 1.8 percent in the previous

Japan’s trade minister wants to talk rare earths with China

Akihiro Ohata, the country's minister for trade said Wednesday he would like to visit China as soon as possible to discuss the secure supply of rare earths into Japan Japan's trade minister, Akihiro Ohata, said on Wednesday he would like to visit China