RJK expands land position, acquires kimberlite showing

Kimberlite on Bishop Nipissing Diamond Claims. Photo by RJK.

RJK Explorations of Kirkland Lake, Ontario, has increased its land position around its Bishop diamond claims near Cobalt. A minimum of 17 potential kimberlite targets plus the Kon kimberlite showing were acquired.

The Kon kimberlite is the only known kimberlite south of Cobalt between the Lake Timiskaming and Montreal River faults. It has never been drilled or sampled. RJK can earn a 100% interest.

RJK also optioned the Peddie kimberlite pipe from First Cobalt and can earn a 50% interest in that property.

A third agreement with Power Group allows RJK to sink one diamond drill hole as a phase one commitment. Follow-up work could earn RJK a 60% interest in a joint venture with Power.

RJK hopes to locate the source of the Nipissing yellow diamond that was found some time during the development of the silver mines at Cobalt.

(This article first appeared in the Canadian Mining Journal)

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