Russia fighting for right to mine mid-Atlantic minerals

Russia will seek to secure a priority right for the explored ocean minefields in the Atlantic says Polar Marine Geological Prospecting Expedition (PMGRE) Vladimir Kryukov following the first stage of ore deposit exploration on the Atlantic Ocean floor.

The Russian research vessel The Professor Logachev is engaged in exploring copper, zinc, gold and silver deposits in the area of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at about 13 degrees north latitude. Over the last seven years, Russian marine geologists have made a number of discoveries and is now seeking to legally execute its right of exploring them through the United Nations.

Voice of Russia reports:

“China has already made a claim to this end, whereas France, Germany and England are actively engaged in searching for these ores that rank among such promising natural resources as manganese and cobalt. Russia, by the way, owns and explores a manganese field in the Pacific Ocean. Now we are preparing our bid to the UN concerning cobalt deposits,” Vladimir Kryukov stressed.

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