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Sandvik releases AutoMine Access API

Image by Sandvik

Sandvik has introduced the mining industry’s first interoperability platform for autonomous underground loaders and trucks: The AutoMine Access API.

The AutoMine Access API gives mines the power to connect non-Sandvik equipment to AutoMine.

“As a world leader in underground automation, we have a responsibility to make this game-changing technology easier to implement for the mining industry,” said Patrick Murphy, president Rock Drills & Technologies, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology. “While we think customers will achieve the highest performance with Sandvik equipment, we recognize the need to unlock automation’s full potential for all equipment regardless of manufacturer. Customers with mixed fleets will now have the full power of AutoMine behind them.”

The AutoMine Access API gives mines the power to connect non-Sandvik equipment to AutoMine

The AutoMine Access API is a standard set of pre-defined interfaces for connecting third-party loaders and trucks to AutoMine. This means a mixed fleet of underground loaders and trucks can now be managed and controlled with one seamless system.

An API (application programming interface) is a set of functions and procedures that allows the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service.

The third-party equipment is also required to meet the AutoMine safety standards.

“Sandvik has been leading the market in underground digitalization for years, with thousands of pieces of equipment around the world connected to our digital technology,” said Murphy. “As more customers embark on their digital journeys, interoperability will be a requirement. We are proud to leverage our experience to drive digitalization further in the mining industry.”

(This article first appeared in the Canadian Mining Journal)