Saudis discover 1,200-year-old mining hub

Archaeologists in Dawadmi. Photo by Saudi Press Agency.

Archaeologists confirmed that a Saudi town commonly mentioned in historical documents for hosting ancient gold and silver jewelers was actually an important mining area.

Dawadmi, located in the central Riyadh province, is presumed to have been a hub from where mining products were exported 1,200 years ago.

The most recent excavations at the site revealed the existence of infrastructure from the early Islamic period, such as a mosque and houses with yards and storage with ovens for metal melting.

Other recent findings include glass and ceramic implements, and precision tools such as those for making beads and glass beads. Preliminary results indicate that the artifacts probably date back to the early Umayyad era.

Dawadmi is home to more than 35 archaeological sites, most of them showing rock engravings of different kind of animals and historical writings.