Shell preached to World Bank about coal

If you have money I have a strategy

Shell lobbied the World Bank to ditch its investment in coal-fired plants prior to the Bank’s July decision to do just that, Shell head of gas Maarten Wetselaar revealed.

“We found out most coal plants get their funding started by using the bilateral funding agencies, such as the World Bank, so we were talking to them about the impact their policies have on the energy mix of the world,” Wetselaar said.

The Shell man also said that climate change was part of the motivation for the gas lobbying push.

“You never know how much your own advocacy has played a role in that but we actively influence the space.”

“We’ve been very active in Korea, where they had a coal subsidy stemming back to the days where people burned coal in their homes to cook. Only last week were coal and gas put on an even keel in terms of taxation.”

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