Three hit singles, a Grammy nomination and a diamond mine

Alianue Thiam, a rising R&B singer in the U.S.A., is just another celebrity with a side business, although this side business happens to be owning a South African diamond mine.

The  Senegalese-American producer and singer, known as Akon, collaborated with Eminem and won a Grammy nomination for the song Smack That. He did not offer much when asked how the mine came to be his.

”It’s real complicated,” he said to ”You can just know that I own it.”

He does promote diamonds by wearing and accessorizing them. Akon got in trouble when he denied the existence of blood diamonds.

“I don’t believe in conflict diamonds. That’s just a movie. Think about it. Nobody thought or cared about conflict diamonds until ‘Blood Diamond‘ was released,” said Akon to the Telegraph.

Image from FilmiTadka