Victoria doubts Enbridge takes B.C. concerns “seriously”

Enbridge and Northern Gateway representatives are not taking B.C. concerns seriously, B.C. Environment Minister Terry Lake said Wednesday.

“The responses from Enbridge-Northern Gateway [representatives] to cross-examination by our legal counsel are too often incomplete and lacking in commitment,” said Lake. “Their answers suggest that the company is not taking the very real concerns of British Columbians seriously.”

The province’s cross-examination of Enbridge and Northern Gateway proponents is continuing.

Lake believes that the province’s cross-examination on October 10 made it clear that the analysis of geological challenges is incomplete and the mapping of geological hazards (such as landslide areas) that has been done lacks detail.

The company’s geotechnical assessments use a different methodology from guidelines established specifically for B.C.

Enbridge and Northern Gateway representatives would not, under cross-examination October 10, commit to adopting enhanced leak detection systems.

Lake said, “We believe that the only way to protect B.C.’s interests is to ensure that these commitments are made up front, so that everyone will understand how they intend to run this project.”

This article was first published at Business in Vancouver.

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